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Similar to Pinot, Chardonnay derives from the region of Burgundy in France and does well in soils that are concentrated with clay and limestone. Sonoma County specifically the Russian River Valley has much commonality with these terroir characteristics.


Chardonnay characteristics derive from stimuluses such as terroir and oak. Many of the flavors on one’s palate are directly influenced by the practices of the winemaker. With Chardonnay being somewhat of a neutral flavor grape the sense of oak, for example, is due to the amount of new oak and toast of the oak that is introduced in the wine making process.  The buttery aromas are directly related to the malolactic fermentation and the amount f time the grape ferments in oak barrels is what disguises itself as smoke, vanilla, and cinnamon. Unlike, oaky, buttery Chardonnays from California our “Next Door Neighbor” is crafted as a clean, crisp style Chardonnay that displays a Burgundian Old-World style.